Assistant Professor in the School of Production Engineering & Management, Technical University of Crete.


Born in Nea-Vissa, Orestiada, Greece in 1967. Diploma of Chemical Engineering in 1991 and PhD in 2000 from the National Technical University of Athens.


His research interests focus on the Design of Processes and Systems, Energy Systems Management (energy conservation, regional energy planning with renewable energy sources, design of hybrid power systems, assessment of rational energy management policies and measures), Environmental Systems Management and Protection (natural resources management, air pollution control, tools for environmental performance assessment), Water Resources Management (eco-efficiency assessment of water value chains, drought management, water demand management and forecasting, natural and engineered water treatment system design, water production through desalination), Geographical Information Systems, E-learning Technologies.

His expertise is on modelling and optimization of systems and processes, on the development and implementation of computational techniques and on the design and development of decision support systems (DSS).


He has participated in many research projects at both European and National level.

He is the author of 5 academic books while a remarkable part of his research activity has been published in scientific journals and conference proceedings.


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