Smart ICT Technologies

  • Industry 4.0.
  • Agriculture 4.0, Smart Greenhouses.
  • Smart Buildings.
  • Digital Twins.

Water Resources Management

  • Water Treatment in Industry
  • Eco-Efficiency Assessment of Water Value Chains.
  • Water Supply in Stressed Areas.
  • Water Demand Management and Forecasting.
  • Assessment of Natural and Engineered Water Treatment Systems.
  • Water Desalination Systems Integrated with Renewable Energy.

Environmental Systems Management

  • Natural Resources Management.
  • Energy Innovation and Green Technologies.
  • Life-Cycle Assessment and Environmental Footprint.
  • Systemic Eco-Efficiency Assessment.
  • Development of Environmental Performance Assessment Tools.
  • Environmental Management and Analysis of Energy Systems.
  • Air Pollution and Protection.

Process and System Analysis & Design

  • Process Modelling and Simulation.
  • Analysis, Simulation and Optimisation of Production Systems.
  • Development and Application of Computational Methods.
  • Emphasis on Heat & Mass Transfer, Fluid Flow and Chemical Processes.

Energy Systems Management

  • Energy Conservation in Industry, Transportation and Buildings.
  • Energy Recovery and Waste Heat Reuse.
  • Energy Harvesting.
  • Integration of Renewable Energy into the Energy System.
  • Hybrid Power Generation Systems.
  • Policies and Measures for Rational Energy Management.
  • Energy Market and Energy Communities.
  • Energy Planning.
  • Energy Demand Forecasting.

Decision Making

  • Design and Development of Decision Support Tools.
  • Multi-Criteria Decision Making.
  • Participatory Decision Making.
  • Application of Machine Learning Methodologies.