Undergraduate Courses

Heat Transfer

  • Introduction to heatt transfer
  • Heat transfer modes
  • One dimensional, steady state heat conduction
  • Thermal resistances
  • Conduction with heat generation
  • Cooling fins
  • Multi dimensional heat condyction
  • Transient heat conduction
  • Numerical methods in heat conduction
  • Introduction to heat convection
  • Boundary layer, laminar and turbulent flow, boundary layer equations
  • Similarity theory
  • Analogies in heat and momentum transfer
  • Heat convection in external flows
  • Heat convection in internal flows
  • Intriduction to heat radiation

Fluid Mechanics

  • Introcuction to fluid mechanics
  • Fluid properties
  • Hydrostatics, Hydrostatic pressure prism
  • Eulerian and Langragian flow description, streamlines, pathlines
  • Flow equations, integral form
  • Flow equations, differential form
  • Stream function. Velocity potential
  • Bernoulli equation
  • Rotational and irrotational flow fields
  • Euler equations
  • Newton law for viscosity
  • Navier-Stokes equations
  • Laminar and turbulent flow in pipes. Moody diagram
  • Major and minor losses in pipes
  • Flow in pipe networks

Postrgraduate Courses

Rational Energy Management in Production Systems